Transfer pricing training

Our professionals have conducted a significant number of tax issues related seminars, including at least 15 seminars about the transfer pricing, including:

  • The principles of determining transfer prices, subjects and methods
  • Transfer pricing documentation requirements
  • In which cases arm’s length should be determined and in which the full transfer pricing documentation should be prepared
  • What are the transfer pricing methods and how they are applied to different types of transactions
  • Examples of transfer pricing documentation: full or shortened documentation, benchmarking study
  • What should be taken into account while determining the arm’s length value of transactions for the purposes of VAT
  • Advanced transfer pricing agreement with the SRS
  • OECD highlights on profit outflow issue and the reduction of the tax base – how it will affect Latvian enterprises
  • Transfer pricing audit trends, common mistakes and risks
  • Most relevant transactions: management services, transactions with offshores and tax havens, manufacturing, trade, lending to owners, royalties and intellectual property, cash pooling, etc.
  • Answers to different questions

We offer transfer pricing training that will allow you to prepare transfer pricing documentation independently.