Accounting services

Accounting services are one of our core activities, which are designed as complex services to support business, including not only the daily services of an accountant, but related legal, tax planning and other services. Our staff specializes in accounting, tax and legal issues. Such complex services approach provides our clients not only the daily accounting services, but also qualified tax and legal services.

Our daily accounting services are as follows:

  • Accounting services for the companies, branches of the foreign entities or permanent establishments in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia
  • Payroll accounting
  • Tax accounting, preparation and submission of the tax reports to the tax authorities
  • Services of the chief accountant
  • Representation at the State Revenue Service and other public institutions
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • Preparation of the annual reports
  • Preparation of the statistical reports for the Central Statistical Bureau and Latvian Bank
  • Preparation of the annual tax returns
  • Review and preparation of the reports for the shareholders

What are your benefits by using our accounting services?

  • Cost savings as no need to pay taxes from accountant’s salary, as well as no need to provide office equipment, computer software licensing and accountant training
  • Guaranteed accountant services, which would be provided permanently regardless of the accountant change, vacation or other unplanned absence
  • Experience – our experts work with various companies of different areas, as well as accounting services are provided in close cooperation with certified tax consultants
  • Safety – our liability, while providing services, is insured

Ensuring cross-border accounting

We cooperate with companies, which provide accounting services and tax consulting in Estonia and Lithuania, thereby providing “one-stop agency” in Baltic countries. If it is necessary, in collaboration with an independent company providing accounting services – Association of Prime Global, we can provide high quality accounting services to most of the world countries.

Unlike companies which conduct business in integrated chains, our advantage is that we are not affiliated with a particular company in a particular country, but can optionally cooperate with the suitable company for customer satisfaction.

Prices for accounting services

Monthly prices for providing accountant services are determined individually for each client, depending on the industry of enterprise, the number of operations and degree of complexity of operations, the number of incoming and outgoing documents, and other factors. It should be noted that tax consulting for accounting clients are included with the accountant services.