Representative office residence permit

How Representative Office is used

The temporary residence permit in Latvia up to 4 years could be obtained by establishing a representative office of the foreign company in Latvia.

A representative office is a part of the foreign company established in Latvia for the purposes to carry out the non-business activities such as marketing, information processing etc. A representative office is entitled to enter into the agreements (such as office rent) and employ the employee. It is not considered as a taxpayer, except that the representative office is liable for the payroll taxes of its management and employees.

Typically a representative company is registered and maintain to develop the relationship with existing and potential customers, to conduct the market research, to monitor the execution of the agreements entered with the customers by the foreign company.

 Registration of the Representative Office


1. Information to be provided:

(a) Information about the foreign entity:

  • name
  • registration number
  • legal address (country, state/province/city, street and building number, postal code)
  • principal activities (by providing NACE Rev.2 code)
  •  country in which entity resides
  • legal address of Representative Office in Latvia.

(b) Information about the individuals appointed to manage Representative office

  • first name, middle name, if any, and surname
  • identification number (if any)
  • date of birth
  • residential address (country, state/province/city, street and building number, postal code)
  • passport number and date when passport was issued, country and institution which issued the passport.

(c) Information about the individual authorised to represent foreign company by articles of association appointed to manage the representative office:

  • first name, middle name, if any, and surname
  • identification number, if any
  • date of birth.

2. The following documents should be filed to the Enterprise Registry in order to establish Representative Office:

(a) Application

(b) Decision of the foreign entity to open Representative Office in Latvia and to appoint representative(s), specifying his/her authorisation (limited or full).

(c) Excerpt from the company register, which should certify that the company is duly established and registered, and should include the list of the persons entitled to represent the company. Excerpt must be legalised.

(d) Articles of Association of a foreign entity (or regulations or any other equated document). This document must be legalised.

(e) Consent of the real estate owner to use legal address.

Stamp duties

The following rates of the state fee (EUR) and amount of business days needed to establish Representative Office once documents are filed to the Enterprise Registry:

  • EUR 28.46 / 15 days;
  • EUR 56.91 / 4 business days;
  • EUR 85.37 / within one business day.