International Tax

Our international tax services are aimed to help foreign investors to establish and operate investments in Latvia, as well as, to expand the businesses of Latvian entrepreneurs abroad. Each client is unique and has different requirement, however, the most typical solutions are as follows.

For foreign investors seeking the investment opportunities in Latvia:

  • Advising on selection the most appropriate form of commercial activity: a subsidiary, a branch, a permanent establishment or a representative office
  • Advising on structuring the transactions appropriate for the selected business model in Latvia
  • Structuring the profits attributable to the selected business model to comply with the local tax requirement and profit repatriation

For Latvian investors expanding business overseas:

  • Selection of the holding company jurisdiction which is the most appropriate for the client’s needs
  • Structuring the investments (e.g. via cross-border merger, acquisition or contribution in kind)
  • Funding – solutions that allows overcome restrictions to deduct interest for financing
  • Tax effective supply chain – the purpose of the supply chain planning is minimizing the overall effective tax rate by planning the functions and risks undertaken by each involved entity
  • Intangibles planning – the companies which targets the foreign markets usually have the intangible property – commercial intangibles (patents, know-how) and trade intangibles (trademarks) which should be carefully structured to obtain the tax benefits and diversify the risks
  • Profit repatriation to Latvia